Our company is made up of three home-grown Western New Yorkers. We have all have lived in this region our entire lives! We are good people who have owned and operated our own personal businesses in the communities of WNY for decades. This awesome fact has enabled us to make a lot of great friends in the community.
Max is officially the “Head House Hound” in our company!  His job duties are: eating snacks, sleeping on the windowsill, eating more snacks, playing with Pennie (his best friend).

We can buy your house in ANY condition and you’ll pay ZERO real estate commissions or buyer closing costs. We can close whenever you choose… as soon as 7 days from now or in 7 months! We’ll work around your schedule to sell your Western NY house.


John, Carolyn, Max (who is camera shy), Maddy (Carolyn’s daughter), Mike.

Selling a House in Western NY?

We’re a local real estate company that buys houses in Western NY. We believe the key to success of our house-buying business is making the selling process easy, giving each and every client great service, fair dealing and quick turnaround.

We work with you, the seller, personally and always try to find a solution that works for your situation. Homeowners appreciate that we can eliminate the paperwork, time, and fees required to sell a house through a real estate agent.

Above all, we’re committed to helping you in a way that’s fair, ethical, and honest.

You may call us at Call 716-916-2458 or complete the online form!