Max Buys Houses in Western NY!

Max is the “Head House Hound!”

Do you have a property in Western NY and are looking to move on from it?

We can take possession very quickly with no costs to you, even if the house needs extensive work.

To get started, what’s the property address?
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How we do it:

Our house buying process is simple. We need to know a little bit about the property and we get that information by having a brief conversation with you. We can make an offer right then and there. Often over the phone! If the offer looks good to you, we agree on a closing date and buy your house!

Step 1

Tell us about the property

We just need the address and a little info from you.

Step 2

Offer to buy!

We can work together to determine a reasonable value for your property.

Step 3

Close on the property!

We agree to a closing date and you’re free to collect your payment!

Max hears someone opening the snacks jar. His official title is “Head House Hound” in our company! His job duties are: eating snacks, sleeping on the windowsill, eating more snacks and playing with Pennie (his best friend).

We make the process simple and painless

It’s a big decision to sell a property.  Often there are many reasons why you might sell.  Here are some reasons that people sell houses to us:

You may call us at Call 716-916-2458 or complete the online form!